• 17.08.2022

Results of the intra-university stage of the Olympiad 2021–2022


Dec 9, 2021

From 25 to 29 November 2021 at the TK Zhurgenov KazNAA, the first (intra-university) stage of the republican student subject Olympiad took place.

Academic-Editorial Department as an organizing committee approved by order of acting rector No. 01 / 04-206P dated 02.11.2021, carried out preparatory and organizational work with responsible persons in the faculties (order No. 01 / 04-207P dated 02.11.2021).

Competition commission, approved by order of acting rector 01 / 04-208P from 02.11.2021, worked in various areas and specialties and identified students who can be offered to participate in the next stage.

The Olympiad was held in the following specialties:

  • 1. В027 — Theatrical Art
  • 2. В030 — Fine Arts
  • 3. В024 — Art Criticism
  • 4. В029 — Audiovisual Art and Media Production
  • 5. В023 — Directing, Art Management
  • 6. 5В040800 — Variety Art
  • 7. В021 — Performing Arts
  • 8. В031 — Fashion Design
  • 9. 5В040900 — Choreography
  • 10. 5В041200 — Media Journalism

Participants and winners of the first intra-university stage

XIV Republican student subject Olympiad

No.DepartmentTotal number of participantsPast to the second stage
Theatrical Art
1Acting and Directing168
2Musical Theatre2626
3Solo Singing2121
4Stage Plastic2626
5Scenic Speech3232
Painting, Sculpture and Design
1Decorative Arts3320
3Fine Arts3012
4Fashion and Costume Design379
1Pedagogy of Choreography145 / 1 command
Musical art
1Variety Orchestra Instruments55 / 1 ensemble
2Traditional Music Art1613
3Pop Vocals195
Art History
1History and Theory of Fine Arts96
2Film History and Theory: CinematographyCinematography10 176 6
3History and Theory of Theatrical Art156
Film and Television
1Sound Engineering and Cinematography: CinematographyMusical Sound Engineering10 175 6
2Screen Arts Directing246
General Academic Departments
1Art Management and Production77
2Computer Technologies105

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