History of KazNAA

 T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh national Art Academy is a multistage multidisciplanry educational institution, recognized training center of the creative intellectuals which graduates make gold fund of world and national culture and art. The history of T.K. Zhurgenov KAZNAA begins since 1955,  Kurmangazy Art Institute (nowadays Conservatory) opened the theatre faculty.  In 1977, on the base of the Conservatory, Almaty State Theatre and Art Institute (ASTAI) has been created. The group of the domestic talented culture and art science figures became the first organizers and teachers of theatre faculty led by the rector Mr. Dzhanysbayeva (1978-1985), among them there were professors: A. Tokpanov, R. Kanybayeva, G. Rutkovskaya, T. Nauryzbayeva, A. Kulbayev, D. Turankulova, M. Omarbayeva, E.Segizbayev, D. Suleev, Zh. Kapesov, D. Aryngaziyeva, G. Zhumagaliyeva, etc.

   Opening of artistic faculty that produced the first set of students in 1979 became a meaningful landmark in history of academy. The famous artists and figures of the fine arts became origins of faculty: K. Telzhanov, M. Kenbayev, K. Shayakhmetov, E.Mergenov, T. Dosmagambetov, E.Sergebayev, T. Karibzhanov, M. Zhakubaliyev, K. Tynybekov, M. Kalimov, B. Umorbekov, D. Suleyev, K. Ospanov. This period of formation was supervised under instruction of the professor S. Dorzhenova (1985-1987), the rector, the Doctor of Historical Sciences who introduced scientific style and reached high level in the theory of teaching.

   January 28, 1989, the Kazakh SSR Ministers Council adopted a Resolution on the appropriation of the Almaty state theatre and art Institute in honor of Temirbek Zhurgenov, Kazakh nations education Commissar, who made a huge contribution to the development of culture and art. During the existence the basis of professional education has been formed in the field of theatrical and visual arts, opened new faculties and departments, developed a wonderful tradition in the education of the creative intelligence of Kazakhstan. From 1987 to 1989 rector ASTAI was A. Kulbaev. From 1989 to 1991 the rector was honoured art worker of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State RK prize, Professor A. Sygai. In 1991 on the basis of ASTAI created two specialized high schools: Kazakh state Institute of theater and film after T.K. Zhurgenov, rector, nation’s artist of Kazakhstan, Professor E. Obaev, later nation’s artist of RK Professor T. Temenov, Kazakh State Art Academy, rector – candidate of pedagogical Sciences Professor U. Ibragimov. T. K. Zhurgenov Theatre and film Institute was a seamless alloy of the educational concept of the Kazakhstan school, preparing national specialists in cinematography and the national theatre school with its professional training staff and traditions of the theatre actors and Directors. Institute Famous graduates, whose names and creative works seamlessly woven into the chronicle of the Kazakh theatrical art – A. Ashimov, F. Sharipova, S. Saidmetov, N. Musaeva, M. Jaksybaeva, S. Orazbayev, I. Abaev, M. Biserrula, V. Pusurmanov, A. Sygai, Aspetova, T. Zhamankulov, D. Zholzhaksynov, T. Meyramov, R. Rymbaeva, B.Atabayev, K. Sultanbaev, K. Tastanbekov, T. Temenov, M. Otakarova, Kazakhbaeva and many others.

According to the Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 236 dated 14 February 2000, on the basis of former Kazakh theater and cinema State Institute and the Kazakh state art Academy created T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh State Art Academy, where the rector was the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor T. A. Kishkashbayev. According to the Republic of Kazakhstan President’s Decree № 648 dated July 5, 2001 “On granting special status to certain public higher educational institutions”, the Academy was given special status “T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh national Art Academy”.

  In 2008, Arystanbek Muhamediuly, Honored Art Activist of RK, and Doctor of Philosophy, appointed as a rector of T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Art Academy, according to the President’s Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A. Muhamedikuly’s targeted and daily work in the position of the rector in T. Zhurgenov KNAA fostered transition of the academy from traditional to modern technology of education, like a credit system.

      On his initiative and direct participation of more than 30 years in the Academy for the first time in 2009 began to act as the Dissertation Council for defending theses in the field of art. The result of the hard work was the passing Academy in 2010 International accreditation.

 In 2009, Doctorate (PhD) became available for the first time in Kazakhstan and thus offer 7 specialties in Arts to study. Due to deep study of modern international experience in preparation of young specialists in Arts, there in the Academy were opened science and practical center for post-graduate education, science and arts laboratories, and other structural sections of Academy.

      Mukhamediuly uses a deserved authority not only in the Academy but also far beyond its borders. He is a member of the jury of International competitions and festivals, and actively participates in international scientific conferences. A. Mukhamediuly known in the country and abroad as the author of scripts and Director of international festivals and competitions held under the auspices of UNESCO, SCO and other organizations. He is one of the founders and art director of the public experimental theatre “Nations Theatre”, where involved actors of various nationalities, promoting the people’s friendship. In 2014, the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan appointed him in the position Minister of Culture and Sports in the RK.

   By the President’s Decree, from 2014, Nusipzhanova Bibigul Nurgalievna, an honored activist, a Candidate of Pedagogogical Sciences appointed as a rector of T. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Art Academy.

Administrative structure of the academy consists of vice-rector for educational and methodical work – Doctor of Political Sciences Amirbekov Sh.A., vice-rector for scientific work – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Khalykov K.Z., vice-rector for pastoral work and social issues – the candidate of historical sciences Kuldibaev E.K.

There are six faculties at the academy: 1) Theatre art 2) Cinema and TV; 3) Choreography; 4) Painting, sculpture and design; 5) Art Criticism; 6) Musical Art. Specialists are prepared at 23 – departments, 17 – of them are graduating, 6 – general academic. In 2008, opened the Department of training and retraining the teaching staff. Since December 2001, the Academy has been included Republican Art College, and from that time was launched a multistage training of specialists in the field of art: a boarding school – grades 7-9 (initial artistic training), college (technical and vocational education), university (higher professional education), as well as post-graduate education (master’s and doctoral PhD).

Teaching staff of Academy consists of more than 400 people. Among them are: artists of the REPUBLIC of KAZAKHSTAN – 11, 2 of them are USSR artists, 15 –  winners of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 11 –  winners of the Independent Tarlan” Award”,  68 – are honored culture and arts workers, 29 – laureates of international and Republican competitions and festivals, more than 40 doctors of Sciences and professors, HAC, 58 candidates of Sciences, 15 PhDs, 50 associate professors. Scientific researches of Academy advisors, undergraduates and doctoral students held in priority areas of Arts and vocational education.

The staff of the Academy are actively engaged in creative activities, improving their skills in the context of modernity. This is confirmed by the unique artistic achievements of the faculty. The Academy has successfully conducted creative activities and in all areas of training. In recent years, teaching staff has created more than 50 feature, documentary and animated films, they have translated more than 200 films into the state language. Academy staff has organized 15 theatrical performances. Professors have conducted more than 40 concerts and benefit performances, 16 choreographic compositions. More than 70 teachers of the Academy became laureates of state awards, the winners of international, Republican festivals and competitions (International exhibition of contemporary art “Communications: experience of interaction” International festivals “Young cinema of Central Asia”, “Look newly”, ARSIC (VGIK; All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography), Moscow; International festival of puppet-plays, Saint Petersburg, Russia; a theatrical festival in Germany; A festival of the Turkish Languages theatres is in Kazan; The Eurasian festival of arts in Germany; international exhibitions in China, in Russia, in Switzerland; A festival of modern dance in the “Pink mane”, British council; An international exhibition of the decoratively-applied art in Switzerland).

“Men”, Experimental Youth Theater, operates at Academy. Head of the theater – Honored Worker of Arts of the RK, associate professor N. Zhakypbay, laureate of international and national festivals, whose repertoire included plays of national and world drama – “Hamlet”, “Pygmalion,” “Inspector”, ” King Lear “,” Ushkіr muіzdі buzau “,” Saukelelі ak tau “,” Akkus turaly angyz “,” Kosh bol, Ak keme “and others.

     T. Zhurgenov KazNAA is a benchmark of high art education standards in the field of art and culture, the largest educational and scientific center for training highly qualified specialists and scientific staff

Following the Message of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to Kazakhstan people, the staff of the institution directs all forces on the formation of professionals able to meet the challenges of the XXI century. It will be creative elite, working for the prosperity of the national art.