Republican state enterprise

« T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh national academy of arts»

Ministry of art and sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan

15 JANUARY 2020

1. General terms

. Youth competition of choreographers created by choreography faculty of the T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Art in order to muster potential applicants. Winner of the competition – laureate of 1 degree – join T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National academy of art without passing creative examination.

1. 2. Goal of the competition:

— including all participants to the list of potential;

— support and development of creative potential of young choreographers and teachers;

— popularization of the choreographic art in the Kazakhstan, development of dance directions, sharing experiences and knowledges in choreography;

— talent identification.

1. 3. To conduct competition an Arrangements committee is formed, list of members approved by order from Head of T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts and consist of High-education teaching personnel of choreography faculty.

1. 4. An Arrangements committee approves members of jury, president of jury and secretary of the competition.

2. Competition conditions

2. 1. In the competition can participate potential applicant from all over the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. 2. Application for is process by Arrangements committee.

2. 3. All participants must fully and correctly fill the application form.  Все участники должны полностью и правильно заполнить заявки. Repertory for competition cannot changed during Competition.

2. 4. An application from signed by willing to participate in the competition participant is confirmation that applicant fully understands rules and conditions of the competition

2. 5. Participants of the competitions passing 2 rounds:

1 round:

Classical dance training (practical demonstration of movements on the barre and in the middle of the room, allegro section)

2 round:

— all those who pretend to study on “Stage direction” specialization shows one mass/group choreographic work in own work, duration of work no more than 3 minutes. Number of participants starts from three people. Dance must be new, created for competition. Music and style of work at the will of participant (classical dance, neoclassical dance, folk-stage dance, modern choreography contemporary and modern).  

— all those who pretend to study on “Pedagogy of choreography”, “Pedagogy of sport ballroom dance”, “Pedagogy of modern choreography” specializations present solo dance no more than 3 minutes. Music, choreography and style of dance at the will of participant.

2. 6. All needed stage property and costumes for participation in the competition provided by participants of the competition. An Arrangements committee is not provide participants of the Competition with stage property, scene costumes, make up and shoes.

2. 7. In order to avoid technical problems participants of the competition must provide music on the USB and send to faculty email address with subject of the letter “Application from and music for choreography competition” in MP3 format.

2. 8. An Arrangements committee is not provides ballet classes and concertmeister. 2. 9. Participants of the competition will have one     rehearsal in the ballet class at the day of competition (time for rehearsal no more than 10 minutes).

2. 10. An Arrangements committee is not provides participants of the Competition and their group with any types of insurance.

2. 11. An Arrangements committee retain the right to broadcast performances of participants and their compositions on the TV, Internet, social networks, record video filming, on video media and their further distribution without paying a fee to the participants of the competition, their performers.  

2. 14. Video or filming by all persons without exception (performances of participants) is possible only with special permission (accreditation) of the Arrangements committee.

3. Policy for the competition

3. 1. Order for presenting/showing entry is established by Arrangements committee.

3. 2. Competitive trials consist of two rounds: first round, a break, second round, discussion, announcement of results. All views will held publicly. 

3. 3. Each competitive work and performing skills of the first round is evaluated by the jury individually according to a 10-point system and is recorded in the corresponding bulletin.

3. 4. The jury evaluates the entries according to the following criteria:



1) Literacy performance;

2) Musical performance;

3) Coordination of movement.



1) Artistic expressiveness of images;

2) Development of movements and combinations;

3) The compositional integrity of the number;

4) Musical-choreographic drama;

5) Performing skills.




1) Artistic expressiveness of images;

2) Performance literacy;

3) Musicality and coordination.

3. 5. Decision Jury makes under calculation of scored points. Results of the Competition will be formed under following report.

3. 6. The results of the competition are announced to the participants on the day of the competition.

4. The jury working procedure and awarding the winners of the competition

4. 1. The performance of participants is evaluated by a professional jury, which includes High-education teaching personnel of choreography faculty of T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts.

4. 2. Members of jury and secretary are present at all performances, included in the Competition program, and in all meetings.

4. 3. After each performance jury members put points/score in to bulletin and submit them to the secretary for the counting of votes.

4. 4. Jury members award prizes in the following categories:

— Laureate of I, II, III degree;

— Diploma winner.

4. 5. Winner of competition – laureate of 1 degree – join T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts (with results of Unified National Testing) without passing creative examination.

4.6. Authors of the best works, which will presented on the competition, will get recommendations and entry-pass from the faculty of choreography and academy to go to T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts. 

4. 7. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to revision.

Application forms and all related materials will presented to Arrangements committee before 10th of January 2020 (inclusive). All applications forms received after this date – whatever the reason – will not considered and will not participate in the competition.

Address of the Arrangements committee:  050000; Almaty, 127, Panfilov str, T. K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts, faculty of the choreography.



For additional information:


Phone number: +7 727 272-82-71

Instagram: @kaznai_ballet