Service of the organization and control of educational process

Registration office department:

  • Registration of students, providing freedom of choice by students of disciplines for choice;
  • Participation in the formation of the individual curriculum;
  • Registration of students movement (entering orders on transfers, payments, recoveries, academic leave etc);
  • Register of educational achievements of students (preparation, issuance, registration and storage of academic achievement statements, transcripts, GPA stands count at the transfer from course to course);
  • Organization of the mid and final evaluation of students;
  • Accounting for admission of students to the rating of the examination session;
  • The issuance, registration and storage of certification, and the semester examination sheets;
  • Preparation of the final of the students’ progress reports on the results of the session (the form №34);
  • Organization of the summer semester to meet the additional training needs, the elimination of academic debt and eliminate differences in the curriculum;
  • Scheduling training sessions, examinations;
  • Monitoring of accordance of time-table with curricula and Chair staff time-sheet;
  • Сlassroom fund allocation and monitoring of compliance with the rules of its use.

Department of planning and organization of educational process:

  • Organization and control of the educational process in accordance with SCES (State Compulsory Educational Standard ), working curriculum, programs and other teaching methodological documents;
  • Reviewing the regulatory documents on credit technology from the Ministry;
  • Monitoring and methodological assistance of the departments’ heads in the development of working curriculum (WC);
  • Monitoring the accordance of WC to Model curriculum (MC);
  • Processing of information on the summary list of monthly working load of faculty staff;
  • Monitoring implementation of the teaching work load and students in accordance with the approved schedule of classes;
  • Check and control the applications for hourly wage part-time teachers, chairmen of the SAC(State Accreditation Commission), reviewers of diploma works (with the date and the number of hours, teacher’s signature, department chairman and dean);
  • Implementation of accounting and reporting of the full-scale fund Academy;
  • Preparation of regular annual working load of the teaching staff by the majors, accompaniers, full-scale fund in accordance with the rules of classroom and with the orders of the Academy;
  • Control over the teachers’ journal filling in faculties and departments;
  • Monitoring implementation of the part-time teachers’ workload, the chairmen of the SAC(State Accreditation Commission), consultants and reviewers of graduation projects and the proper use of hourly fund.

Student Affairs department:

  • Reception, registration and maintenance of personnel files of students in accordance with the orders ;
  • Storage of personal files of students enrolled and changes in the personal affairs of students according to the orders;
  • Issuance of student, library tickets and record books;
  • Preparation of orders on student body / on students transfer from course to course, of expulsion (academic dismissal), re-entering / registration and extracts from the orders;
  • Preparation of personal files of students transferred to other universities (on request) and sending them;
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual accounting of the students;
  • Compilation of statistics on a 3-NK form to the Department of Statistics in Almaty;
  • Implementation of electronic records “movement” of students for administrative report based on PLATONUS;
  • Application for a strict reporting forms and accounting (acts of cancellation and information on the use of forms of strict accounting); logging the issue of certificates and forms of academic certificates;
  • Preparation of responses to requests for confirmation of diplomas, student study, information retrieval for students of various departments at all levels of the organization / per requests /;
  • Preparing and issuing confirmation inquiry/upon request / copies of documents to students, etc.
  • Filling alphabetic books for registration and movement of a contingent of students;
  • Execution of personal documents of expelled students and graduates in the archives of the Academy;
  • Prepare students’ medical records for student clinic in Almaty.

Commercial study department:

  • Organize the supervision of timely payment of the students;
  • Implementation of accounting movement contingent of students and ensuring accountability for the contingent;
  • Registration and maintenance of personnel files of students expelled or transferred to other universities, as well as the timely amendment of the necessary changes;
  • Rreparation of personal files of students to pass to the archive;
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual accounting of the movement of a contingent of students;
  • Together with the faculties and departments to conduct a general analysis of the results of examinations;
  • The direction and control of the work to eliminate academic debts;
  • Preparation of orders on a student of the Academy;
  • Paperwork in the student clinic;
  • Preparation of documentation for production;
  • Implementation of electronic records “movement” of students for administrative report based PLATONUS;
  • Work with students on transfer, restoration;
  • Correspondence with the MES of RK;
  • Issuance of primary documents (certificates, diplomas) to graduates after academy graduation.
  • Work with the basic high school to pass the complex testing of students transferred from foreign universities.
Head of Service of the organization and control of educational process officeTurdaliyeva Bakytzhan Kakievna    bakitzhan_66@mail.ru8(727)272 63 62  
Head of the office registers and academic mobility departmentShomshekova Assima Abenovna    asima87strelec@mail.ru8(727)261 13 24
Head of Educational process planning and organization departmentShaganova Arailym Rizabekovna    arai-77@mail.ru8(727) 272 63 62
Head of Student Affairs departmentAbishova Lyazzat Amanzholovna   lyazzat-abisheva@mail.ru8(727) 272 63 62