• 29.05.2022



Nov 1, 2021

In the period from 11 to 22 October 2021, teachers from the Rome National Academy of Dance (Rome, Italy) held classes in modern dance at the faculty of choreography of T.K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts as part of the implementation project KA107 under the Erasmus+ program.

Professor Yang Yu Lin and accompanist-percussionist Federico Di Maio conducted a fortnight course of a discipline “Pedagogy of modern choreography” within a specialization “Methods of teaching modern dance” on the topic: “The Martha Graham Technique” for students of 1-4 courses during their classes.

Under the guidance of a mentor from the Rome National Academy of Dance students underwent a detailed study of the sequence of movements through the licensed methodology of modern dance technique by Martha Graham, during which a working atmosphere prevailed in the audience as well as close creative contact was established with students.

Professor Yang Yu Lin relying on her extensive practical and pedagogical experience shared with students the technical difficulties and deep philosophy of modern dance by Martha Graham in an accessible form. All classes were held under musical accompaniment, in the person of the accompanist-percussionist Federico Di Maio who helped students to capture accurately the rhythm and character of the performance of all movements due to his mastery and inspiring personal energy.

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