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Dissertational Council of KazNAA named after T.K.Zhurgenova for 2016 Academic Year, confirmed by the decision of the scientific council of the academy 

                               The content of the dissertational council for granting scientific degree PHD for the specialties

6D041600 – Art history (specializations: history and theory of visual arts, history and theory of music, history and theory of film, history and theory of theatre, history and theory of choreography), 6D041600 – Directing.

Among them, according to the article 223 «Typical rules of midterm and final control of academic progress attestation of students in the higher educational institutions» (from 25.04.2011, № 6900) – 5 doctors of sciences, their code should be matched, according to the article 7 about «Typical position of dissertational council» (from 31.03.2011, №126), with embedded changes and additions (from the 18th of May 2012. №225) – 4– staff members of KazNAA, 4 – representatives from other institutions, 4 –representatives of scientific organizations.

Position of dissertational council of KazNAA

Theses 2019

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