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Youth – against corruption!


Nov 22, 2021

Youth – against corruption!

On November 15, under the leadership of senior lecturer of the Department of “History of Kazakhstan and Social Sciences” Zhumagulov Meirbek Ongarovich held an online educational event in the format of a round table among students of the Faculty of “Art History”.

During the event, students defended their reports.The topics of the reports covered a wide range of issues related to corruption: corruption as a social phenomenon, the historical roots of corruption and a way of complicating this phenomenon, corruption as a type of destructive behavior, modern ways of fighting and preventing corruption. In the content of the reports there was a deep disclosure of the term and theses were presented, revealing the topic.

  • Erkinkyzy Laili (2nd year film studies). “Fight against corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
  • Darieva Zhuldyz (2 course theater studies). “Youth against corruption”.
  • Bolat Aruzhan (2 course film and dramaturgy). “Fight against corruption”.
  • Serikbay Meruert (2nd year art history), Rukhanova Akdana (2nd year art history). “Ways to Combat Corruption”.

The students organized a conflict of views to reveal the topic. As an example, the content of a social video related to this topic was discussed. In the course of heated debates, ethical views on combating corruption were formed. At the end of the event, students expressed their hope for a brighter future.

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