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‘Best Edition’ Competition Winners


Dec 3, 2021

According to the results of the meeting of the commission of the competition “The best educational publications (monograph, textbook, study guide) and the best publications in the Web of Science and Scopus”, approved by order of acting rector No. 01 / 04-205 P dated 01.11.2021, the following winners were revealed – the teaching staff of the academy:

Nomination “Monograph”:

1. AA Kulshanova, professor of the department “History of Kazakhstan and social sciences” – “New approaches in the study of Soviet nationality policy in Kazakhstan during the formation of a totalitarian state“;

2. AA Tautenbayeva, associate professor of the department “Foreign languages ​​and the Assembly of the peoples of Kaazakhstan” – “Studentterdin ulttyk ruhani adamgershilik endylyktaryn kalyptastyru“;

3. GA Amagenldiyeva, Associate Professor of the Department “History of Kazakhstan and Social Sciences” – “Integrative technology of teaching Russian speech in the national audience“, “Deviation in the unreasonable Russian speech of bilinguals“;

4. ZhT Beristenov, professor of the “Fine Arts” department – “Ulyk Ulys Altyn Orda“.

Nomination “Textbook”

5. Қ. Tulen, Professor of the Department of Traditional Musical Art – “Sherterge Arnalkan Pesalar;

6. MYe Zhanguzhinova, Associate Professor of the Department “Scenography” – “Tustanu” “Color Science“.

Nomination “Article in the Scopus database”:

7. MD Shaimerdenova, Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and Social Sciences – “National struggle in Soviet Turkestan: the role of Kazakh leader Turar Ruskulov”.

We congratulate the winners of the competition and wish them further scientific success!

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