• 25.04.2024

As part of the Science Week, held by the Department of History of Kazakhstan and Social Sciences, on February 28, 2024, a debate was held on the topic “AI – a threat or a helper to humanity?”, in which 2nd year students of the specialties took part: graphic design, architectural design, landscape design , jewelry making, Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Design.
The debate was held with the aim of developing students’ critical thinking, argumentation and public speaking skills, as well as increasing interest in the topic of artificial intelligence.
The topic of the event caused heated scientific debates among students, during which arguments were given for or against one or another position of the teams. The audience did not stand aside either, asking relevant questions on the topic of the debate.
The winner of the debate was the team advocating the position “AI is a helper to humanity,” consisting of the following students:
Ли Ангелина, Орынбасар Нурсултан, Бактыгереева Айдана, Мукашева Даяна
Сансызбай Еркеайым, Есимханов Думан, Тлеухан Азиза, Багданкызы Сана.
In addition to the winner, the winners in the following categories were also announced:
best speaker – Дельманов Адилхан
 best question – Баби Дiнiслам
audience award – the team “AI is a treat to humanity”.
The debate was led by the teachers of the department M.B. Usenova and U.I. Autalipova.

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