• 25.05.2022

“Modern Georgia: cinema, theater and fine art”


May 5, 2022

05/04/22, students of the Faculty of Art History held a seminar entitled: “Modern Georgia: cinema, theater and fine art”.  This seminar was conducted by 3rd year students Tulkenova Dilyara, Nazarova Rana and Turenov Alikhan, who completed an internship in the capital of Georgia-Tbilisi, at the University of Theater and Cinema named after Shota Rustaveli.  During the seminar, students shared their impressions of the trip.

 Within two weeks, students visited the National Museum, where they got acquainted with exhibits from different eras, the National Gallery, where they saw famous paintings, and at the Manuscript Center they got acquainted with valuable documents.  They  watched Georgian national films and visited the Russian Drama Theater named after  A. Griboyedov , where they saw performances of  all different genres.

 The teachers gave a tour of the building of the University of Theater and Cinema named after Shota Rustaveli.  During the practice, students got acquainted not only with the culture of Georgia, but also presented their knowledges on the Kazakh cinema, theater and fine arts.  Upon completion of the study, students received certificates of successful completion of the internship. Students shared what they learned and had a lively discussion.  This learning experience has a lot to offer students. Such international creative connections, exchange of experience are very important for students.

Students expressing their gratitude to the brass of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.K.  Zhurgenov for the opportunity to gain experience in academic mobility in the city of Tbilisi!

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