• 17.08.2022

On November 26 of this year, the Faculty of “Art History” held the first round of the Republican Subject Olympiad in the specializations “Cinematography”,”Theater Studies”,”Art history”, “Film studies” in an online-offline format. 

Students of 2-3 courses studying at the faculty took an active part in holding the Olympiad at a high level, noting new directions in modern Kazakh theater, cinema, fine arts, creative searches in acting, modern approaches in directing decisions, new steps in drama, achievements and shortcomings in cinema.

The total number of participants is 54 students, 54 papers have been written. The members of the commission got acquainted in detail with the written works and discussed them among themselves. 

As a result, 3 places were allocated for each specialty, and the most worthy received a ticket to the next stage. Of course, the annual subject Olympiad provides great opportunities for developing indicators of the level and professional competence of students.

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