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Cinema Club “Shaken”


On April 2, Zira Nauryzbai, a famous cultural scientist, PhD, writer, scriptwriter, blogger and a member of the team of archaeologists – volunteers “Petroglyph Hunters”, visited the film club with her master class. The event was attended by spectators even from other universities and employees of other departments of the Academy. An interesting and productive conversation turned into an equally heated discussion, thanks to the involvement of the audience.

On March 26, the film club “Shaken” with its master class was visited by perhaps the most famous director of auteur cinema of Kazakhstan, who is known abroad more than at home, thanks to participation in international film festivals of class “A” – Adilkhan Yerzhanov and producer Serik Abishev. In addition to an interesting interaction between the audience and the director, there was a special screening of Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s latest feature film – “Ademoki’s education”. The talk was moderated by the famous Kazakhstani film director Bolat Kalymbetov.

On March 19, the Shaken Cinema Club hosted another “Academic meeting” with the authors of the film “Boys” and a screening of the film itself, which our students watched with interest. Director Abdel Yelubayev and cinematographer Yedige Nesipbekov shared their personal experience in working on the film and their experience in the film industry. Thanks to the guests for a good conversation and to all the spectators who attended the meeting.

Today, March 18, as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Cinema and TV, a cinematographer, winner of the Silver Bear for Best Cinematography (“Harmony Lessons”, IFF) performed at the cinema club site
Berlinale, Germany, 2013) – Aziz Zhambakiev.
Aziz shared with the students useful knowledge and experience in the international arena of cinema art.

Today at our favorite film club “Shaken” another “Academic Meeting” was held – a master class by one of the strongest directors on television, Rinat Kokumbayev. A specially invited guest shared interesting knowledge and personal experience, and also told and showed an equally cool program for television filming and broadcasting. Today’s master class was especially useful for television directors and cameramen.

On 02/27/2024, at the Shaken Cinema Club, an “Academic meeting” was held with the famous screenwriter of film and TV projects Sergey Litovchenko. The screenwriter shared his experience in creating scripts. It was very interesting to listen to a person who has a lot of experience. Such knowledge is very relevant and productive for students now. Thanks to Sergey for the visit and the exchange of experience. Good luck and creative success.
Television projects: “Vuzery” season 2-3, “Surboydak”, “Cinderella Zaure”, “Father”, “Suye bilsen” season 1-2, “Orystar-1”.
Feature films: “Ninety one”, the drama “Sisitai”, “Cafe Mahabbat”, “Station of Destiny”, “Brother or marriage 2-3”, “All-in-one”, “Kazbat”, “Kazakh business in Brazil”.
Web series: “Sergeant Bro”, “5:32”, “1286”.

Yesterday 20.02.2024, at the cinema club there was an “Academic meeting” with the famous producer Aliya Mendygozhina. The producer shared with the students her personal experience and skills in promoting and producing short and feature films. Thanks to Aliya for her visit and sharing her experience. Nowadays such knowledge is very relevant and productive for students. Good luck to the producer and we wish her creative success.

Were you interested?”

On February 19, the Shaken Film Club hosted a meeting with Vladimir Tyulkin, director of documentary films, winner of international film festivals.
Vladimir Viktorovich talked with students on the topic “The role of intuition in creating an artistic image in the documentary “Lord of the Flies”.
Vladimir Tyulkin shot this film in 1990, but even today it remains relevant.
This phantasmagorical film about a man who wanted to destroy all the flies in the world, received a resounding festival success and was included in the list of the 50 best films of the twentieth century according to Russian film critics.
At the meeting, the students asked the director questions about the script in the documentary, about the choice of the hero, about directing techniques and music in the film. But perhaps the most important message from Vladimir Tyulkin to aspiring filmmakers was the following: “To be a director, you need to cultivate a personality.”
Finally, Vladimir Viktorovich read the poems of A. Blok and once again emphasized the red line of the theme of the meeting – the duality of the world

On 6.02.2024 within the of celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of “Cinema and TV” on the platform of the cinema club “Shaken” a special show of works of the Academy students – directors and cameramen was held.
The screening was held in collaboration with the Department of History and Theory of Cinema and their students. The screening was followed by heated discussions and constructive criticism, which the young filmmakers accepted with due respect for their future colleagues. Judging by the full house that lasted throughout the screening, we can assume that the films were really interesting to all the audience present in the hall.
In conclusion, I would like to wish all students success in their creative endeavors and more talented works

Recently, another academic meeting was held with the creative team of the ARA studio, the authors of the acclaimed animated film “Shyrak”. This meeting was unique because this studio film was created by an initiative and creative group of like-minded people and entirely at their own expense. At the same time, the film was immediately released to the public, on the YouTube video platform. The students had a lot of important questions, and the guests had no less interesting suggestions. Thanks to the creative team of the studio and good luck to all the participants of our cinema club “Shaken”!

In February 2023, the first “Shaken” club in the history of the Academy of Cinema was opened at the Faculty of Cinema and TV of the Temirbek Zhurgenov Academy of Arts, which bears the name of the great Kazakh film director Shaken Aimanov. The purpose of the film club is to develop cultural values in the field of art in general and in the film faculty in particular. The film club also creates a creative “platform” for young professionals in the field of cinema and television.

Various events, creative meetings and master classes, film screenings, debates, etc. take place here. Special guests of the cinema club were young cinematographers such as Olzhas Ibrayev, Yelzat Eskendir, Dauren Kamshybayev, Alain Niyazbekov, Asylkhan Meldebekov, Bekbolat Shekerov, Merey Makhanov, etc. There are also screenings of works by directors of world classics and modern cinema, works by debutants and students of the academy. Thematic events and intellectual debates are held.

The Shaken Cinema Club unites like-minded people in the field of cinema and creative people of any specialty, opens up new opportunities for acquaintance and communication, creates conditions for self-expression and helps to educate students in cultural, moral and humanistic qualities.

The film Club takes place once a week and has several directions:

  • 1. Master classes
  • 2. Creative meetings
  • 3. The debate
  • 4. Thematic events
  • 5. Film screenings

The author and supervisor is the teacher of the Department of “Directing of Screen Arts” Isaev O.M., with the support of the Faculty of Cinema and TV.

Come and become a member of an interesting community.

Dates and events:

  • 09.02.2023 – Olzhas Ibrayev “Academic meeting”
  • 02.03.2023 – Yelzat Eskendir “Academic meeting”
  • 24.04.2023 – Merey Makhanov “Academic meeting”
  • 19.09.2023 – Zulfikar Musakov Master class, film screening of the film “Lead”
  • 03.10.2023 – Dauren Kamshybaev “Academic meeting”, film screening of the X/F “Zere”
  • 10.10.2023 – Screening of student films-winners of international film festivals:
  • D. Abdullaev’s “Recipe”,
  • “I see the light” by J. Myrzakul
  • “Arisa Hashimoto” by S. Uristemov
  • “Their eyes” by E. Zavision
  • 24.10.2023 – Film Screening Of The Film “Duel”
  • 31.10.2023 – Film quiz – themed event “Halloween”, film screening of the film “Edward Scissorhands”
  • 06.11.2023 – Alain Niyazbekov “Academic meeting”, master class
  • 13.11.2023 – Bekbolat Shekerov “Academic meeting”, master class
  • 05.12.2023 – The “Cool Coach vs. Wise Master” debate

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