Scenic speech department

      In T.Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts was founded “Scenic speech” department in 1982 at the Alma-Ata State Theatre and Art Institute on the “Theater” faculty. The first head of the department was the “Standout”of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winner of the “I. Altynsarin” medal, associate professor (HAK), Professor Omarbayeva Maira Smagulovna.

In subsequent years, the “Stage speech” department was headed by “Cultural worker”, Professor Abzelbayev Murat Naztaevich, and “Standout” of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor Bersugurova Chinar Azayevna.

Since 1994 the “Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, winner of the Medal “Eren enbegi ushin”, “Standout” of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Academy of Experimental Sciences academician (NAES), Professor Turankulova Dariga Turankulovna has headed the department.

Establishers and luminaries of the “Stage speech” department are the Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, Professor Kanybayeva R.M., Professor Turankulova D.T., Professor Omarbayeva M.S., Professor Abzelbayev M.N., Associate Professor Gorbashova T.V.

In subsequent years the department has expanded and enriched by masters of the scene, which are the pride of art in Kazakhstan – the Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR – M. Zhaksymbetova, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan – N.Myshbayeva, G.Aspetova, Honored Artists of Kazakhstan – M.Murataliev, T.Tasybekova, A.Kenzhekov, R.Sattarova, R.V.Lim, G.Kazakbayeva, A.Boranbayev, E.M.Zadereushko, Honored workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan – S.Zhakan, O.Kenebayev, S.Merekeuly, Zh.Meyramova, Professor – Ch.Bersugurova, Sh.Baltaeva and others.

At this time, in the number of teachers at the “Scenic speech” department there are 1 academician of National Academy of Experimental Sciences (NAES), 1 People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 winner of Medal – “Y.Altynsarin”, 2 figures of culture, 2 Veteran of Labor, 1 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), 6 Honored Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 “Standout” of the the Republic of Kazakhstan, 5 Professors, 5 associate professors, 1 PhD in Art History, 5 senior teachers, 11 teachers, 7 Masters, 1 accompanist, 1 Head of the department of phonetics, 1 secretary.

All teachers of the department are members of the “Union of theatrical figures” the Republic of Kazakhstan, high professionals, recognized masters of theater and cinema, radio and television. They constantly improve and enhance their knowledge; linking theory with practice, approaching from a scientific point of view is transmitted to future masters of theater and cinema art of possession short, producing highly qualified professionals.