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Department of “Pop Vocal”

Educational programs
Teaching staff

Department of “Pop Vocal”

 The educational program “Variety Art” provides professional training for specialists in the field of pop music in accordance with the state educational standard and the nature of the qualification.  The staff of the Department “pop vocal” has developed and put into practice, solid scientific and methodological documentation on the cycles of general professional and special disciplines: developed an EP, within which a catalog of elective disciplines, a modular educational program, a passport of educational programs, an educational and methodological complex of the discipline, syllabuses  , working curriculum.

 A highly qualified teaching staff has been formed at the Department of Pop Vocal.  Among them: 4 professors, 3 associate professors, 2 people’s artists, 1 Honored Worker, 7 candidates of sciences, including 4 candidates of art history, 3 PhD.

 Under the leadership of UMO KazNAI named after T.  Zhurgenov developed and implemented a model for preparing students, based on the intricacies of a professional approach to variety art, in the context of the transition of sovereign Kazakhstan to a market economy, the process of globalization in the world.

 The Department of “Pop Vocal” in 1996 was originally part of the Faculty of “Theatrical Art and Variety”.  In 2008, the department became part of the “Musical Art”.  Over the years, the department was headed by such qualified specialists as Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Kalieva A. Zh., Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tulesheva L.K.  Kesoglu, who was awarded the title of “Honorary Head of the Department”.  From 2020 to 2022, the department was headed by candidate of Arts Sciences Kasimova Z. M., Zhumabekova L. A. Since September 2022 and.  about.  Head of the Department “Pop Vocal” – Master of Arts, Kaspakova G.M.

 The main educational and production parameters of the department are aimed at expanding its technological, research, and creative capabilities.

 In 2000, for the first time in Kazakhstan, the Department of Variety Art was organized, which included the specializations “Variety Vocal” and “Variety Orchestra Instruments”.  Then in 2008 it was renamed into the Faculty of Musical Art.

 “Variety art “and specializations 6B02108” variety vocalist “.

 In the 2022-2023 academic year, 135 students, 11 masters, 2 doctoral students study at the undergraduate level.

 The staff of the department “Variety vocal” employs teachers who contribute to the development of the department and share their professional experience:

  •  Kesoglu L.K. – Soviet and Kazakh pop singer, music teacher, professor.  People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1989).  Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2014).  Professor of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.  Zhurgenov.  Cavalier of the Orders of Friendship and Honor.
  •  Eskalieva N.Kh. – singer, professor.  People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  •  Zabirova T.K.  – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan (2008).  Candidate of Art History, Professor.
  •  Musagulova G. Zh. – Candidate of Arts Sciences, professor.
  •  Kasimova Z. M. – Candidate of Arts Sciences, senior lecturer,
  •  Omarov T. I. – Associate Professor (AK)
  •  Kaysidi I. G. – PhD, Associate Professor of the Department “Variety Vocal” KazNAA.  T.K.  Zhurgenov, singer, vocal teacher, founder of the music school “@kaisidischool”.
  •  Kalieva A. Zh. – Associate Professor (VAK, part-time) Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
  •  Mukhitdenova B. M. – PhD Senior Lecturer
  •  Maigaziev S. K. – PhD, Senior Lecturer
  •  Elubayeva M. A. – Senior Lecturer
  •  Kurmanbayeva Z. K. – Senior Lecturer
  •  Mukhsiynova M. Zh. – Senior Lecturer
  •  Pazylakyn T. U.-teacher
  •  Umirzakova G.A.-teacher
  •  Shutenova A. S. – Senior Lecturer
  •  Yagfarov M.I.-teacher
  •  Kanlybaev D.M.-teacher
  •  Karsybayeva A. E.-teacher

Department graduates:

Education at a high level of professional musicians in the field of pop art is the main goal of the department.

 Graduates of the Department of “Variety Vocal” are many well-known Kazakh singers, laureates of various competitions, including: Gaukhar Kaspakova, Saken Maygaziev, Moldir Auelbekova, Bauyrzhan Retpaev, Alisher Karimov, Dinara Sultan, Kairat Nochtekov, Zhanar Dugalova, Ali Okapov, Kamshat Zholdybaeva,  Ernar Sadyrbaev, Dauletov Dimash, Zhuban Yernazar, Kenishkaliyev Beksultan and others.

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