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Department of Acting and Directing

Educational programs
Professorial and teaching staff

The Department of Acting and Directing is the graduating department of the Theater Faculty of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.Zhurgenov. Professional training in the field of theater education originates from the Decree of the People’s Commissariat of Education of September 20, 1933, when acting training was organized in the Kazgosteatre. The department was organized in 1955 as a theater department at the Almaty State Institute of Arts.

Representatives of the older generation of professors of the theater faculty — A.Tokpanov, R.Kanybayeva, H.Bukeeva, Sh.Dzhandarbekova, A. Madievsky, G.Dzhanysbaeva, A.Mambetov, G.Rutkovskaya, Y.Nogaybayev, N.Zhanturin, K.Kenzhetaev and others were the creators of the high traditions of the theater school of Kazakhstan. The Theater Faculty provided great assistance in training the national cadres of Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Vietnam.

Outstanding actors X .Bukeeva, Sh.Dzhandarbekova, E.Diordiev, I.Nogaibayev, F.Sharipova, Li Ham Dek, N. Zhanturin, M.Dzhaksymbetova, T.Meiramov, A.Ashimov, T.Zhamankulov, R.Mashurova, A.Aspetova, owners of a multifaceted performing palette, brilliantly embodied diverse images on the stages of theaters in Kazakhstan, had a strong influence on the upbringing of the young generations of actors and directors.

Along with teachers who have experience in theaters, the faculty began to teach its best graduates A.Sygai, T.Nauryzbayeva, R.Mashurova, today their diverse pedagogical, creative and scientific-practical activities made up the theater faculty.

   Whole courses became the basis of the acting troupe in the newly created theaters of the Republic (Taldy-Kurgan, Pavlodar, Astana, Kostanay, Petropavlovsk, Uralsk, Arkalyk, Kokshetau, Atyrau, Aktau), Kyrgyzstan, China, Uzbekistan.

Books, methodological developments and articles by A.Tokpanova, R.Kanybayeva, A.Sygaya, M.Bayserkeuly, K.Kenzhetaeva, E.Segizbayeva, E.Obaeva, T.Umurzakova, A.Kulbayeva, T.Nauryzbayeva, T.Omarova, R.Mashurova, Zh.Meiramova, O.Kenebaeva, T.Zhamankulova and many others made a significant contribution to the history and theory of theater pedagogy.

   In 1997, the youth experimental theater “Men” was organized at the theater faculty. The founder of this theater was the Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Zhakypbai.

By the efforts of graduates of the theater faculty under the leadership of T.Nauryzbayeva, K.Kenzhetaev, E.Segizbaev, R.Mashurova, E.Obaev, T.Umurzakov, T.Omarov, A.Rakhimov, N.Zhakypbai, theaters were opened: in 1995, the Kokshetau Theater of Musical Drama named after Sh.Khusainov, in 1996 the Arkalyk Theater of Musical Drama, in 2000 the Petropavlovsk the Musical Drama Theater named after S.Mukanov, in 2003 the Aktau Musical Drama Theater named after N.Zhanturin and in 2007 the Astana Theater of the Young Spectator.

The department constantly maintains and develops international relations with leading educational institutions in the CIS and abroad. In recent years, the faculty has been conducting an exchange of teaching staff and internships for students, undergraduates and doctoral students in the countries of the near and far abroad.  The exchange of work experience at the Moscow Institute of Theater named after B.Shukin (under the leadership of R.Mashurova), the Theater Festival in Turkey (under the leadership of M.Bayserkeuli), the student musical Festival in Korea (under the leadership of E.Nurtazin), the student festival in Korea (under the leadership of N.Zhakypbai) were fruitful.

Over the years of its existence, the department has made an invaluable contribution to the creation of the theatrical art of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having produced about a thousand specialists with higher education, most of whom are leading actors and directors, heads of cultural and art institutions, teachers in all cities of our country.

   Since 1979, the training of “Actors of the musical drama theater” begins. The Department of “Musical Comedy” was created, headed by the People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.Kenzhetaev, who created a team of like-minded people with his tireless work and energy. Teachers P.Ildarov, R.Mashurova, M.Zhunus, G.Gizatova, P.Dorokhova, A.Sembin created a methodological base for the training of specialists of the musical drama theater.

Since 1987, the leading teachers of the faculty N.Kolesnikova, A.Ali-Aidarova, S.Makulbekov have been training in new specializations “Puppet theater Actor” and “Puppet Theater Director”.

Leading directors, People’s Artists R.Andriasyan, E.Wallpaper, Honored Artists N.Zhakypbay, A.Rakhimov, B.Atabayev, O.Li, Ya.Shamiev were involved in pedagogical work. Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan M.N.Akhmanov.

   The main merit of the pedagogy of theater masters is the birth of creative schools of A.Tokpanova, R.Kanybayeva, H.Bukeeva, Sh.Dzhandarbekoy, A.Mambetova, M.Bayserkeuly, T.Nauryzbayeva, R.Mashurova, E.Segizbayeva, N.Zhakypbaya, T.Omarova, S.Makulbekov, E.Obaeva and others.

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