• 01.10.2023

“Preservation and research of documents in libraries, archives and museums”


May 31, 2023

May 31, 2023 Professor Madina Mussakhanova, Professor, Department of History and Theory of Fine Art, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, museum expert, member of ICOM, took part in the X International Scientific Conference “Preservation and research of documents in libraries, archives and museums“, organized by the Federal Centre for Conservation of Library Collections of the Russian National Library (Saint-Petersburg).

The purpose of the International Research-to-Practice Conference is to discuss the issues in the field of preservation and conservation of documents on different media, exchange experiences in practical and scientific activities on the following topics:

  • – Restoration of Cultural Heritage: Theory and Practice;
  • – Materials and natural science research in the field of document conservation;
  • – Problems and prospects of document preservation in libraries, archives and museums;
  • – Innovative technologies in conservation of objects of cultural heritage;
  • – Training of specialists in the field of conservation of documents;
  • – Standardization in preservation of objects of cultural heritage;
  • – Exposition of documents: problems and solutions.

Professor M. Mussakhanova made a presentation on “Peculiarities of document restoration”.

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