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Department of Sound Engineering and Cinematography

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  • Department of Sound Engineering and Cinematography

Teaching staff

Educational programs

The history of the Department “Sound Engineering and Cinematography” began with the opening of the specialty “Cinematography” at the KAZNAI named after T.K. Zhurgenov in 1994. The first teachers were the leading cinematographers of the Kazakhfilm film studio, graduates of VGIK – Abiltay Kasteev and Enuar Daulbayev, who laid the foundations of the methodology of teaching cinematography in Kazakhstan. In 1998, the specialization “Sound Engineering” was opened, the founders of which are sound engineers Baigarin A.K. and Myrzasheva A.T. They made a significant contribution to the development of methods of teaching sound engineering, to the creation of standard and working programs in the disciplines of specialization.

An invaluable contribution to the development of the educational process of the department at various times was made by teachers whose professional activity was highly appreciated in Kazakhstan and abroad: cinematographers A. I. Nilov, S. Makhmut, A.K. Suleev, B.K. Suleev, G.L. Roitman and sound engineers Baigarin A.K., Bayatakov M. A., Vysochansky S. F., Mambetov A. A., Kusenov E.K.

 Currently, the department provides training in the educational programs “Audio production” and “Camerawork”. The department is taught by current sound engineers: Vlaznev A.A., Belov V.V., Baitanaev A.S. and cinematographers: Kosai R.K., Pshenaeva E.B., Shlyapnikov A.V., as well as Candidate of Art History Mursalimova G.A., Honored Artist, cinematographer Soloviev M.V., PhD Musakhan D.E. Head of the department Myrzasheva A.T.

   The department is equipped with classrooms, recording studios, film pavilions and modern educational equipment for the development of educational programs “Audio production” and “Camerawork”.

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